Equipped offices and meeting rooms

Equipped offices and meeting rooms

Fully equipped working places on flexible terms. Interactive solution for your business projects in the UAE.

Business formation and consulting

Business formation and consulting

A full range of professional services for establishing and maintaining a strong international business.

Tax advisory and accounting services

Tax advisory and accounting services

International tax planning, integrated deal keeping and accounting outsourcing to deliver long-lasting value.

SORP BC – the effective business platform in the UAE

Sorp Business Center is a part of the group of companies united by common management. Our group of companies has been successfully operating in the market of consulting services in the UAE for over 9 years. We provide wide range of services for international and UAE based companies to facilitate daily transactions and supply value to businesses. Through years of operations, the group has successfully proven itself as a market leader in its sector in Dubai through providing innovative, efficient and high quality services to its clients. Our service packages are tailored to meet client’s needs with a view to improve performance and profitability of their companies and to reduce administration workload and costs.

Our Mission

  • To continuously develop fully integrated solutions that meet the needs of international and local business community.
  • To continuously sustain the development of our resources for the optimal satisfaction of the community.
  • Through continuous market efforts and expanding of client base to promote the image of Dubai as leading world’s center for investment opportunities.

Business formation and consulting

  • Сompany formation services - choosing the appropriate form of business organization, place of registration and the required license with obtaining all documents and permits.

  • Establishment of partnership relations - search and verification of potential partners in the local UAE market, our services is a guarantee of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

  • Marketing research services - collection of all decision-necessary information about the state of the market and its players through the field research.

  • Professional services - our team of experts in the field of consulting, law and marketing will take care about your company, making your business in the UAE strong and high level profitable.

  • Administrative support - receptionist, translator and concierge services for complex support your business. We are making your staying in Dubai convenient and efficient.

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Tax advisory and accounting services

  • Accounting outsourcing services provides you a great possibilities with the integrated bookkeeping and document storage.

  • Corporate Tax Advisory is a service that designed to exclude the possibility of multinational entities face the obstacle of managing tax across various jurisdictions.

  • Global tax planning is an effective approach to adapt to local, regional and national factorson the establishment of new investments in foreign markets, location of regional holding companies and disposal of foreign assets.

  • Transfer Pricing Services cover the developing and executing commercially viable transfer pricing policies, compiling documentation for revenue authority audits and complying with local revenue requirements in the nowadays cases of demanding stricter documentation of transfer pricing practices and imposing higher penalties for non-compliance.

  • Immigration Services - we advise on immigration strategies for companies and individuals throught the UAE's complex immigration policies and procedures.

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Office rent in a modern business center with full consulting support - a platform for a successful business in the UAE

Perfect offices for local, free-zone, international companies in Dubai

The interactive office in the business center is an efficient solution for the implementation of your business projects in the UAE. Our highly qualified team will provide full consulting support to adapt your ideas and successful business to Dubai and United Arab Emirates.


Modern offices in downtown Dubai. Perfect working spaces for each type of business: start-up, small business, international establishments. 50 cost-effective interactive workspace solutions.


Do you want a spacious office for a small staff? We provide office space for rent from a single workplace to hundreds of square meters! Each office is modern, cozy and fully equipped.


Through a virtual office, you can save significant amount of money on the organization of a physical representation of your company in Dubai and formalize its virtual presence.


How to minimize risks and use national peculiarities of doing business? We guarantee professional support for your business! We have a team of experts in all areas of business.


We specialize in the realization and implementation of business projects. We provide opportunities to make successful business for people who come in the UAE on business, a business trip or to set up their own company... The business in the UAE is an access to one of the richest markets in the world. Information about the activity type of your existing or future companies is enough, to achieve the success of your business. All other questions you may entrust to our specialists, who will provide favorable environment for effective business development.

The center of your life interests

Set up a legal address for your company at our Sorp Business Center and we will provide you with the personalized service called the “Citizenship package”. This service allows partners and directors of your company to obtain Tax residency in the UAE in order to avoid double taxation in your country.

A Global Hub

The UAE is one of the most preferred trading hubs and the international business centre of global significance. Known as a source of expert information and sound advice, Sorp Business Center is your gateway to endless possibilities in the global business arena.

Head office of your Business

Exercise the central management and control of your business by the boards in our Sorp Business Center and be treated as resident of the UAE jurisdiction for tax purposes.

SORP Business Seminars

We care about the residents of our Business Center and follow their needs. We see a strong demand in learning and improving the skills to build and develop business. That is why we invite professional coachers and experts to conduct trainings devoted to business aspects.

Business management

Our business management strategy is based on experience of many years and knowledge of the local market. We are strong because our team consists of professionals in economics, marketing, accounting and anti-crisis management.

The benefits of the SORP Business Center

Location in a comfortable European district (TECOM), with a beautiful view

Access to the Business community (members and professional companies)

Ejari for local companies

Modern coworking offices and meeting rooms for your company

Ready-to-work and fully equipped offices with official lease agreement

Full consulting support (secretaries, PRO, legal advisers) IT-support

Flexible payment conditions

Long term lease or short term rental


Become a part of our business community

SORP Business Center is more than just simple offices for rent; we create an expert environment to support your business in every aspect.

At the heart of our business, we gather all those who want to share their business opportunities, who are looking for business partners and new ideas and those who just want to be part of the intellectual circle and communicate with interesting people in the morning with a cup of coffee.


A full complex of services for clients

Renting an office in the business center in Dubai, you get comfort and a full complex of services for your business.


SORP Business Center provides you with intelligent IT solutions for your business. Browse the list of our IT advantages: free access to video conference equipment, unlimited high speed internet / free Wi-Fi, fully protected local internal network (LAN), secure access to MFP, free protected network storage up to 10 GB - Professional IT support.


Show your customers and business partners that you are serious about your business by holding your next meeting or event in a conference room from Sorp Business Center in Dubai. Meeting facilities: high speed internet, conference phone, language support.


Fully equipped office with all communications, including the Internet, landline number and P.O. Box is suitable for all types of companies of any jurisdiction with the possibility of applying for the UAE resident visas for the entire term of the lease.


We offer office or workplace for one person for short-term rent. The workspace is fully equipped and ready to be used, with telephone, mailbox P.O. Box, internet connection and a place to store documents for a very attractive price.


Renting office space, you also get support of a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of administration, law and finance. You will have dedicated staff who know all the nuances and pitfalls of business in the UAE.

We will work out solution that will meet all your expectations for local, free zones and IBC companies and branches of worldwide corporations. Our single offices are starting from 9 sq.m. Team offices are good enough for 6-10 workspaces. Executive offices with a great ocean view are the best solutions for prestigious representative offices in Dubai. Contact our team and let us offer you the best combination of price and services.


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