Business setup in the UAE
SORP Business Center – your trusted partner for setting up your own business

Full package of startup services and business solutions

  • Selection of the appropriate form of business organization, place of registration and the required license
  • All types of companies’ registration: Local, Free zone, IBC
  • Obtaining complex types of licenses
  • Assistance in bank account opening
  • Local Sponsor Programme, Local agent, nominee services
  • Full consulting support (PRO, marketing, legal, accounting, administrative support, etc.)

Onshore resident companies

Local company formation (LLC, Sole establishment and civil company)


  • Unlimited possibilities
  • 0% tax
  • The right to work freely in the UAE domestic market and in the international markets
  • No restrictions to carry on business (any type of license)
  • Resident status of the company and, as a consequence, the possibility of obtaining the status of a tax resident in the UAE
  • Contracting party and bank’s loyalty

Our services:

  • Registration of the company within a short period
  • Provision of an office for the registration of a company
  • PRO-support
  • Opening of a corporate bank account
  • Professional support for your business
  • Local Sponsor Programme for local (LLC) companies
  • Local agent service for professional local companies
  • Obtaining of all the permits and licenses in all Government bodies

Company registration in Dubai
is the first step on the way to a successful business!

Set up the company together with SORP and we will provide you with professional support at all stages of business. Contact us right now!

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Onshore resident companies

Setting up of Free zone companies (FZE, FZCO, Foreign Branch)


  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • 0% tax
  • All types of activities
  • Exemption from all Import and Export Duties
  • Resident status of the company (status of a tax resident in the UAE)
  • Access to the international market
  • Work in the domestic market through agents
  • Local banks’ loyalty

Our services:

  • Selection of the appropriate free zone for your business
  • Registration of a company in customer-focused FEZ
  • PRO-support and consulting service
  • Support in bank account opening
  • Office rent in our Business Center for the establishment of a representative office
  • Obtaining of all the permits and licenses in all Government bodies
  • Professional support for your business

Business setup in the FZE
Based on the nature of your activity, we will offer the most suitable free zone for your business. Also we will support you at any stage of business development.
Be a part of SORP BC. Join us!

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Offshore (IBC) companies

Setting up of IBC companies

Advantages of IBC-company:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • 0% tax
  • Privacy Protection
  • The ability to act as an investor in the UAE
  • 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
  • Low cost of IBC-company establishment
  • The lack of domestic licenses

Our services:

  • Opening of an IBC company without a personal presence within a short period
  • Provision of nominee service
  • Bank account opening support
  • Legalization of documents
  • «Virtual office» service provision and workspaces for an IBC company
  • Customer support

Establishment of Trusts and Holdings

The establishment of an international holding entity with the control center in
the UAE - advanced control system, the allocation of financial flows and tax optimization. Contact us and we will form the appropriate holding entity according to your request and goals.

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Work with us



Form of ownership, place of registration, type of license


All the necessary documents and approvals preparation

Company registration

Obtaining a license, address provision, PRO-support

Bank account opening

Bank accounts opening in the UAE and abroad


Resident visas for founders and employees support

Management and business support

Professional support in the areas of consulting, management, marketing, law, economy, etc.

SORP- Business community

By establishing business together with SORP, you become a part of a large business community in the UAE

  • Even if you have not yet decided to set up your own business and want to put the existing business idea to the test, SORP is a perfect partner for you.
  • We will help you with the organization of the workspace, practical help and will render you a temporary visa support.
  • You will find like-minded partners, investors and fresh ideas for the successful growth and prosperity of your company in our business society.

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