Ultimate checklist for choosing an office in Dubai

Dubai grows on a regular basis – the number of local and international companies increases year after year, and only a few years before Expo 2020 there will be even more. Expo is a great way to attract investors from other countries, find new entrants, invite new employees, and even the self-image of Dubai as a business area will improve. But every company willing to have business relations on UAE market needs some office space in Dubai. Let’s talk about choosing this space wisely.

  1. Do not rent offices in buildings that are in housing. The main problem with those offices is a lack of necessary details, such as parking lots, administrator services, plaques with the name of the companies at the reception, toilets and so on. The building, which is intended for commercial use, already has everything from the list — besides there are guards and other personnel, and also a large hall, an impressive facade, and chairs in the lobby, for your visitors can wait with comfort. Currently, such premises in Dubai are rarely available — there’re not enough office centers.

Important: Registering a company in Dubai requires office space of at least 20 square meters.

  1. Select an office with services. If you have a small company, then you most likely have no secretary, no system administrator or other support staff. Even the housekeeping is important to ensure that the office looks solid. Another case making serviced offices in Dubai useful–- situation when you need a fully equipped office and you do not have time to deal with furniture, servers, administrative staff and other things like that.
  2. Think about flexible lease terms. If you are just starting, a one-year lease can hardly fit your needs. In addition, you’ll have to watch carefully what serviced offices include in the rental fee and what is a fee for additional services.
  3. You will need legal support and licensing. Well, if such services are available at the company providing offices, you’ll save your time. Like…a lot of time. For example, in-house team of professionals can provide you all legislative support, register your brand new company and get all the necessary licensing. All of that without even leaving an office building.
  4. Think about it: what kind of impression do you want to create with the help of your office? The image is important for both staff and partners. Choose the location wisely – it can be very helpful to you.

Office for rent in Dubai can be located in different districts. Here is the most popular of them:

  • Zabeel – Burj Khalifa, most notable and luxury shopping space.
  • Hadaeq Mohammad Bin Rashid (including Al Quoz, Alserkal Avenue) – best for galleries, artists and art dealers.
  • Barsha Heights – great bargain: reasonable prices for the best location near DIC, AL Quoz, Jumeirah.
  • Dubai Internet City – best for IT-startups, programmers and IT business.
  • Jebel Ali – good location in means of transport access.

Finally, here is a bunch of factors you need to balance:

  • Functional and administrative: time of rent, available personnel, when you can start.
  • Licensing and legal issues. It is important to understand the subtleties of licensing activity, so if you’re just starting out, contact the experienced professionals at registration, which will be able to provide you with advice.
  • Financial questions. Terms of payment, the cost of individual services.
  • Furniture and technical equipment.
  • Expandability.

Good luck and pay attention to details – good rental property in Dubai can give your business an easy start, so it is important to be wise and careful.

otroUltimate checklist for choosing an office in Dubai