office 15

18,70 sq.m.

office 16

18,80 sq.m.

office 12

18,80 sq.m.

office 11

19,10 sq.m.

Meeting room 4

18,89 sq.m.

Meeting room 2

18,65 sq.m.

Meeting room 1

20,69 sq.m.

office 01

20,60 sq.m.

office 34

20,50 sq.m.

office 27a

no ejari

10,70 sq.m.

office 25

19,30 sq.m.

office 24

18,80 sq.m.

office 23

19,00 sq.m.

office 22

21,50 sq.m.

office 21

19,40 sq.m.


21,40 sq.m.

office 18

20,10 sq.m.

office 28a

no ejari

12,00 sq.m.


19,10 sq.m.

office 20

28,60 sq.m.

office 27b

no ejari

13,80 sq.m.

office 31b

no ejari

14,50 sq.m.

office 33

22,00 sq.m.

office 31a

no ejari

7,00 sq.m.

office 29

18,86 sq.m.

office 26

18,90 sq.m.

office 32a

no ejari

9,20 sq.m.


21,90 sq.m.

office 30

18,94 sq.m.

Coffee break


Printing room

Meeting room 3

18,77 sq.m.

office 13

18,80 sq.m.

office 14

18,80 sq.m.

office 17

18,90 sq.m.


18,90 sq.m.

Administrative area
of Business Center

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SORP Business Center is more than just simple offices for rent, we create an expert environment to support your business in every aspect.

 The interactive office in the business center is an efficient solution for the implementation of your business projects in the UAE. Our highly qualified team will provide full consulting support to adapt your ideas and successful business to Dubai and United Arab Emirates.


We provide you for a lease fully equipped offices with the latest communication technologies, including the Internet, landline number, and P.O. Box. Our offices are suitable for all types of companies under any jurisdiction with the possibility of applying for the UAE resident visas for the entire term of the lease.


We also offer you a workplace for one person for a short-term rent. The workspace is fully equipped and ready for use with telephone, mailbox P.O. Box, Internet connection and a place to store documents at the suitable prices. Great opportunity to start a small business  in Dubai without any encumbering agreements.


Don’t want to have your next meeting in a café downstairs? Give your customers and business partners assurance that you are professional enterprise by having your next meeting or event in a conference room at Sorp Business Center in Dubai. We provide you with full range of services for meetings: high speed internet, conference phone, language support


All business solutions just right in one place. By renting our office space, you will get the support off the team of highly qualified experts in the field of administration, law and finance. You will have dedicated crew who know all specifications and pitfalls of business in the UAE. Grow your business with our conductive ecosystem.


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