office 15

18,70 sq.m.

office 16

18,80 sq.m.

office 12

18,80 sq.m.

office 11

19,10 sq.m.

Meeting room 4

18,89 sq.m.

Meeting room 2

18,65 sq.m.

Meeting room 1

20,69 sq.m.

office 01

20,60 sq.m.

office 34

20,50 sq.m.

office 27a

no ejari

10,70 sq.m.

office 25

19,30 sq.m.

office 24

18,80 sq.m.

office 23

19,00 sq.m.

office 22

21,50 sq.m.

office 21

19,40 sq.m.


21,40 sq.m.

office 18

20,10 sq.m.

office 28a

no ejari

12,00 sq.m.


19,10 sq.m.

office 20

28,60 sq.m.

office 27b

no ejari

13,80 sq.m.

office 31b

no ejari

14,50 sq.m.

office 33

22,00 sq.m.

office 31a

no ejari

7,00 sq.m.

office 29

18,86 sq.m.

office 26

18,90 sq.m.

office 32a

no ejari

9,20 sq.m.


21,90 sq.m.

office 30

18,94 sq.m.

Coffee break


Printing room

Meeting room 3

18,77 sq.m.

office 13

18,80 sq.m.

office 14

18,80 sq.m.

office 17

18,90 sq.m.


18,90 sq.m.

Administrative area
of Business Center

Sorp Business Center is more than just simple offices to rent, it is a convenient fully furnished and equipped office with a convenient location and great view. Our flexible terms of leasing allow you to find the perfect office for the perfect amount of time. We provide you the offices bearing in mind that your business will grow in the future.

Today Sorp Business Center is the interactive office in the business center is an efficient solution for the implementation of your business projects in the UAE. Our highly qualified team will provide full consulting support to adapt your ideas and successful business to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Why Us


Our offices are suitable for all types of companies. You may be a one-person company or a huge corporation with many members of your team, you may be a start-up or an entrepreneur. Our workspace is suitable for your individual needs and requirements so you can run your business successfully in the UAE. You may rent an office for a short or a long period of time depends on your business requirements.



Our workspace is fully equipped and ready to use. We provide fully furnished modern offices with landline and phone, P.O. Box, fast speed internet connection and a storage place for your documents in the cloud and on hand. Also, you have a kitchen, fully equipped meeting rooms for your clients, welcome reception, parking facilities, 24/7 access by fingerprint, printing room and a daily housekeeping service at your disposal.


We are located in the Barsha Heights (Tecom), with great commute network (5 minutes to the Internet City Metro Station).You can go to your balcony for a short break from the corporate world and enjoy great views of Palm Jumeirah or Downtown.


As there are a lot of diverse companies from different fields in our business center along with our training center we managed to build a great networking and friendly atmosphere for new companies.



Flexible payment terms, reasonable pricing with a lot of inclusive benefits, no hidden cost.


Our company is full of professionals in different fields with greater than 10 years of international experience, who are ready to assist you with any question – technical support, welcome services, and any other issue – just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Options for lease


Our offices are fully equipped, in a perfect location and have everything ready for immediate use. Different sizes of our offices allow any company to afford our services and find the right fit. Our friendly team will always welcome your guests and make sure that your operations run smoothly. Our main goal is to make sure that this office becomes your second home and that you are not interrupted by any secondary things.


Leasing a workplace in the general office is the best affordable option if you do not need the whole office. It also gives an opportunity to learn new and creative ideas and experience a true pleasure while working in a friendly environment with like-minded people.


Meeting room lease is the right step towards successful negotiations. We offer 8 meeting and conference rooms with starting from 8 up to 100 seats for meetings and seminars. Each meeting room is equipped with the platform for the online conference, presentation equipment and is ideal for board meetings with your business partners.


Virtual office is the optimal solution for conducting international business while you are travelling anywhere you`d like. Our team will support you while you are away, you will have an operating landline, P.O Box and immediate reaction on all incoming calls, letters, emails and mails.

Get your new office in a modern business center that will become your platform for a successful business in the UAE


We always offer our clients only the services they require. That’s why you can choose any package, or create your own from the list of all our options, which we are happy to offer to our customers. That is why SORP Business Center is a perfect space for productive work of creative minds.
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